– Report back from Youth Sunday – 17 June 2012

On Sunday 17 June, we celebrated the Youth of our church and prayed for them and others across our land.  Jackie Barker, our Youth Pastor, preached on Advancing The Kingdom with 1 Kings 1: 32-53 as our Scripture which was particularly relevant given it also being Father’s Day.  In this text, David anoints his son Solomon as king to continue where he has left off.  Jackie challenged us (whether we were parents or not) to consider who we were mentoring, influencing, moulding.

Several of the Youth had been asked to participate in various aspects of Sunday Worship like door duty, taking the offering, manning the audio-visual desk.  Some opened the service in prayer and others did the scripture reading.

It was such a joy and we were really blessed by their exhuberance and excitement as well as the maturity with which they handled the roles assigned to them.  As the congregants left the youngsters went to the door with Jackie to shake hands and greet the people.  “We must do this again” was a common refrain.

Please continue to keep the young people, not only of St Mungo’s, in your prayers.


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