– Upcoming Bible Studies for LIFE Groups

Please see below for the various course options we have for the 2nd Semester (Starting 2 May).  Contact Lisa in the Church office if you’d like to sign up or for more information about them.

Please speak to your life group leader for further info and discuss as group which of the electives you’d like to do next semester.

If you are not in a LIFE Group and would like to be part of a group, please contact Lisa in the office. 

* A life worth living – Nicky Gumbel

Based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians, A Life Worth Living is a 9 week Bible study examining the changed life of a Christian. Chapters include: New Heart; New Purpose; New Attitude; New Responsibilities; New Friendships; New Confidence; New Ambitions; New Resources; and New Generosity. Great to use as a follow up study to an Alpha course.

* God at Work – Ken Costa

This course is based on Ken Costa’s book ‘God At Work’ and aims to equip Christians in finding purpose in their every day work, and to live it out effectively. The course comprises of 6 sessions, with each session designed to last an hour and run on a weekly basis. In God at Work, Ken Costa writes about how the Christian faith should and can be lived out in day to day life . As a high profile banker in the City of London, he considers the challenges of living out his faith at work and speaks openly of his own struggles with ambition, money, relationships, success and failure.

* Searching Issues – Nicky Gumbel

Why does God allow suffering? Do all religions lead to God? Is there anything wrong with sex before marriage? Is there really a conflict between science and Christianity? These are some of the questions posed in this book that provoke Bible-based answers. Searching Issues is for those seeking insights into some of the most difficult and complex questions surrounding Christianity. (Run over 7 weeks)

* Challenging Lifestyle – Nicky Gumbel

A 6 week course based on Jesus’ radical teaching given in Sermon on the Mount and suggests ways in which we can apply this teaching to our own lives. Finding the secret of happiness, changing the world around you, handling anger, sex in the 21st Century, responding to Divorce are some of the topics covered.

* Caring God’s Way – Selwyn Hughes, Trevor Partridge

This is a comprehensive training programme presented by Selwyn Hughes and Trevor J Partridge using teaching, role-playing, interviews, drama and testimonies.  It will support and equip you to more effectively care for people God has placed in your life and demonstrate the love of Christ. (Run over 6 weeks)

* Gospel in Life – Tim Keller

This is an 8 week course on the Gospel and how it is lived out in all of life. Week 1 opens the course with the theme of the city: our home now, the world that is. Week 8 closes the course with the theme of the eternal city: our heavenly home, the world that is to come. In between we will look at how the gospel changes our hearts, changes our community, and changes how we live in the world.

* Christianity Explored – Rico Tice, Barry Cooper, Sam Shammas

The Christianity Explored course gives you time and space to think through who Jesus is and why it matters.  It’s a 10 week course that introduces people to Jesus Christ.  As participants explore Mark’s Gospel they address 3 questions that cut to the heart of Christianity: Who is Jesus? Why did He come? What does it mean to follow him?

* Becoming a Contagious Christian – Mittelburg & Hybels

This course has been designed to equip believers for effective evangelism in today’s world. It avoids stereotyped approaches that feel intimidating to many Christians. Instead, it shows ordinary believers how they can share the gospel in a natural and powerful way while being the person God made them to be. Each session guides participants to become effective communicators for Christ to those around them. (Run over 10  weeks)

* Experiencing God – Henry Blackaby & Claude King

Written by Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, and Claude King, the Experiencing God Bible study examines biblical and contemporary illustrations to enable participants to understand and apply seven realities of experiencing God.  A life transforming work book based study. (Run over 13 weeks)

* Adventure of Living – Roland Luke

Created by Roland and Helen Luke  this course is designed to inspire and help Christians discover what God wants them to do with life. It runs over 6 weeks and a workshop over a weekend. Topics covered: why is calling so important? How can I get to my specific calling?  What obstacles can I expect? How do calling and everyday work fit together?

* Truth Project – Focus on the Family

This is a DVD based small group study designed to equip believers with a comprehensive biblical worldview.  Participants are reintroduced to the truth claims of God.  It’s run over 12 weeks which discuss in detail God’s design for out the Christian worldview in daily life.  Most importantly it addresses the need to marry our actions to our core beliefs.

* Renovation of the Heart – Dallas Willard & Randy Frazee

Think of this as a lab manual to help with the most important renovation project we’ll ever get to work on—our hearts. The course helps move us all further along the path to becoming like Christ. Ideally formatted for Youth and Young Adults this provides opportunities for students to discuss ways to put on the character of Christ and live as He would live in their place. (Run over 7  weeks)


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