Diepsloot Church

Mukondi Ramulondi is the full time ordained minister.  He’s been shepherding the people of Diepsloot since ….  His work is hugely varied.  The primary work should be preaching the Good News and pastoring the community, but the need is great.


Jessica Molepo : is 25years old and has been working as an Administrative Assistant to Mukondi since March 2010. Besides cleaning the office and the regular admin type of work such as typing up sermons, reports, sending and receiving emails, Jessica also hands out food packs to the many people in need who come to the Church for assistance.

Seun Mokotedi: is .. years old and he’s been working as a groundsman/caretaker at St Mungo’s Diepsloot since March 2011.  He is tasked with keeping the grounds clean, gardening (mowing, weeding, planting etc) as well as setting up the Church for worship on a Sunday morning.  During the week he sets up and clears up the hall after the classes are finished.


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