– St Mungo’s Diepsloot Community Action Company

The St Mungo’s Diepsloot Community Action is a Section 21 Company, formed by St Mungo’s United Church with the objective of channelling funds, skills and resources into sustainable projects that will benefit and build the competencies of individuals and groupings within the Diepsloot community.  The intention is to build a significant fund that is focused on delivering the dreams of selected individuals with potential, identifiable within the Diepsloot community.  With these contributions, the SMDCA intends to:

  • Uplift and empower the community
  • Assist the community to find meaning in their lives
  • Help the community to develop life skills and income
  • Address hunger and extreme poverty
  • Address the ravages of HIV/AIDS, drugs and alcohol, crime and violence that unfortunately prevails in the community.

The Programme interventions are centred on the property owned by St. Mungo’s Church in Diepsloot.  ABET, carpentry and sewing classes are held in the Church Hall, that was built as a multi-purpose facility and is used for Sunday worship as well.

Having commenced with some caution in 2008, having secured a major sponsorship the SMDCA scaled up its ABET initiative in 2009. Currently 60+ learners are receiving training in a variety of subjects, all accredited with by the Independent Examination Board. A process is underway to gain:

  • Private FET College Status with the Gauteng Dept of Education – their enthusiasm for the project is very apparent.
  • The Services and Construction SETAs’ accreditation.

Both will add to the growing community acceptance of this initiative and the credibility of the SMDCA as a reliable channel for Social Investment by corporate South Africa.


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