– Confirmation


If you were baptised as a child and have now, as an adult (16 years or older), reached a clear decision as regards surrendering your life to Christ, please phone the Church office and ask about Confirmation Preparation.


What is Confirmation?

Parents cannot be held responsible for the decisions that their sons and daughters make when they grow up, not directly anyway.  As young people become mature they want to make up their own minds, have their own attitudes, and accept their own responsibilities.  Parents have to hand over responsibility to them.  This hand-over is never very easy for parents of young people.  It is the basis of most parent-teenage tensions, and of the so-called ‘generation gap’.  We all have to go through this stage. If there has been good training and fair discipline on the part of the parents, if there is love, and trust, and loyalty in the relationship between the generations, this helps a great deal.

The Church also recognises this need to hand over responsibility.  Particularly in the area of faith which should be a basis and guide for all the other areas of life, there is a need for an opportunity for those persons who were baptised as infants to accept responsibility for their own attitude to the faith; to respond personally to the Good News of Jesus. They may, like the prodigal son, reject their parents’ faith either permanently, or for a period of time.  On the other hand, if their parents’ faith has been lived out meaningfully, or if the  congregation in which they found themselves has provided opportunities for real and meaningful fellowship, they will want to confirm their faith; to publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ, to ask God to confirm and strengthen them as they accept the beginning of adult responsibility in the Church and in all of life.  (See Acts 19:1-7).


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