Activities that happen here at St Mungo’s

Setlamo Adult Education Centre: a school that operates every Thursday and Saturday to help those previously disadvantaged.  For more info contact: Catherine Morley on  … or Lyn Gibson.

Employment Bureau: an introductory service that operates every Tuesday morning from 9-11am for people looking to employ domestic workers, child minders or gardeners.  For more info contact: Heather Garrett on

Weighless: we have 2 Weighless groups running here each week.  Monday morning from 7.30am-9am and Thursday afternoon from 4-6pm.

Support Group: if you, or a loved one has (or has had) a life threatening illness (like cancer for example) you’re welcome to join us for our monthly meeting.  We meet on the last Saturday of the month at the Church from 9-11am.  It’s a helpful time of support with other survivors, we have a chat, tea and even some laughs. It’s a really encouraging time when you’re going through a very difficult time.




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