– A good heart (Lesson Plan for 29 Jul)

Introduce today’s lesson about Choices by talking about things that your child chose today. Prompt them with questions such as: did you chose your clothes today? Did you chose what you ate today?  Did you chose which toys your played with?

Read the story in 1 Samuel 15 – 16

The Lesson this true story from the Bible tells us that :

God chose David to be Israel’s king

Questions from the story to ask your children:

  • Did Saul obey God? (No. Israel needed a new king)
  • Did God want someone who was big and strong or someone with a good heart? (Someone with a  good heart – someone who loved and obeyed God)
  • Who did God chose to be the new king? (David. He loved and obeyed God).

Prayer Dear Father God, you chose David to be king. Please help me to love and obey You.

Then ask your child if there is anything they would like to pray about. After which you can close the prayer.



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