Can these bones live?

Dear Friends

In preparing for our Vision night & budget meeting the book of Ezekiel kept coming to my mind, particularly his experience walking with God in the valley of the dry bones (Read Ezekiel 37).  The question God asks him speaks to us today and challenges us as well “Can these bones lives?”

It is easy to lose hope, when it appears that we are overwhelmed by challenges that we face such as building, evangelism and the budget amongst others.  When we look around us we see what might appear to be a ‘valley of dry bones’ but we face the future, not in our own strength but that of Jesus Christ.

All around me I see how God is at work in the people of St Mungo’s and I find it so exciting.  We are entering an interesting phase in the life of St Mungo’s now and would love more of you to get involved in some way. There are some challenges that we must face – our primary mission : sharing the gospel with the many new people moving into the Bryanston and surrounding area; effectively managing our resources and getting on with the work our Lord has called us to do; the financial situation we found ourselves in – and not just here in St Mungo’s but within our country and finally the very desperate need we have to modernise our facilities.

But we do not need to be afraid or shaken.  We, like Ezekiel, can answer God’s question with “Oh Sovereign Lord, you alone know”.  As God took those dry bones and gave them ligaments and flesh and breathed life into them, He does the same to each of us.  Nothing is impossible for our God but He chooses to use us to accomplish His plans.  So I ask you to each prayerfully consider how you contribute to the life and work of St Mungo’s and take a step of faith and get involved.



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